Our Philosophy


At Bright Start Academy we believe that the first five years of life are a time for laying down the foundations for later learning. We endeavour to create a setting in which children will find comfort and security. We offer an abundance of opportunities for self-discovery, supporting children’s individual needs, interests and abilities. We believe all children have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of cultural identity, language, ability or gender.

We embrace the wider community to foster and promote positive relationships and to promote a sense of belonging. We encourage community involvement in our program, by allowing children access to a wide variety of health, education and learning based support. We believe in a sustainable environment and will seek to involve each child to appreciate their natural surroundings and its resources. Our environment is open ended, stimulating, nurturing and adaptable to the individual needs of each child.

 Learning and developing influences each other. We believe that when children are motivated, this increases their curiosity and eagerness to learn.  We acknowledge and support children’s interests and strengths to enhance and facilitate their learning process through group and individual interests and observations. Our programs are designed to prepare children for their transition to the wider community and help them become confident, independent active members of our society.

As Early Childhood Educator’s we draw on our skills and knowledge of child development and the ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ Early Years Learning Framework to deliver high quality education and care.

At Bright Start Academy we promote honest and open communication with our families, respecting their rights and opinions. We encourage family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational programs. Parents and families are encouraged to participate with Bright Start Academy in a two-way partnership.  The input of families is essential to our achieving and maintaining excellence. 

At Bright Start Academy we encourage staff to be the best they can be by bringing their unique strength and abilities into practice.  Our staff are continually learning and working in collaboration with children, colleagues and parents.