CUBS ROOM ... 0 to 2 years ...

Cubs Room Philosophy

Our focus in the Cubs room is nurturing and interactions.

Our Cubs room provides a soft home like environment that supports the educators in the nurturing of our babies and toddlers. Each child in our Cubs room will have a communication book where parents and staff can share information.

The Cubs room also have a separate cot room providing a cosy, relaxing and comfortable sleep environment for our babies. Individual routines will be implemented as per each child’s individual needs; Educators will discuss with parents at enrolment.

Our Cubs room have their own outdoor play area, which encourages them to explore in a safe environment.

PANDAS ROOM ... 2 to 3 years ...

Pandas Room Philosophy

To provide a balanced play and interest based program. To provide a safe and secure environment that allows children to learn and develop at their own pace whilst providing support and respect for their individual needs. Through planning, we recognise children’s interests and indiviudal needs. We provide a range of opportunities for the children to explore and experiment within the environment.

TIGERS ROOM ... 3 to 4 years ...

Tigers Room Philosophy

GECKOS ROOM ... 4 to 5 years ...

Geckos Room Philosophy

We believe that each child is an individual and has many different needs and desires. The first five years of a child’s life sets the foundations for later learning.
To meet and enhance the needs of the children, a friendly, creative, safe and educational environment is vital.
We strive to encourage children in this environment through all developmental areas and outcomes.
The developmental areas and outcomes are then incorporated into an age appropriate program accompanied by a wide variety of educational resources and experiences.
We believe that by showing children respect and a role modelling appropriate behaviour, along with a fun loving environment children will be able to grow and develop as the individual that they are.