FAQ's from our families

Yes, we have a waiting list for all rooms. Please ring the service on 8883 0677 for updated information

Bright Start Kidz Long Day Care Centre is open Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm. We are closed on Public Holidays. 

All fees include Breakfast (if your children arrive at the centre prior to 8am), morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack (if your child is still at the service after 5pm). The fees for our 0-3 room also includes nappies.

Bright Start Kidz is licensed to take children from as young as 6 weeks old.

Absolutely, yes! We encourage parents to be as involved as they wish and would love any parents to share their interests and talents with our children.

If you have any concerns regarding accounts, fees, enrolemnt or other general enquiries please contact our Assistant Director Elle at:


Our fees are debited each fortnight via your nominated bank account or credit card. Statements of account are sent to your families nominated email bi-weekly. 

It’s a good idea to start preparing several weeks before your child’s first day at child care.

Getting familiar with the service
Ask the educators and carers about their orientation program and suggestions for settling children in. Some child care services offer transition mornings, playgroups or playtimes for parents and children. Or you and your child might be able to visit the service to get to know the setting, the early childhood educators, and other children and parents.

Getting used to the routine
To get your child used to the child care daily routine, you can ask the service about its daily schedule and make this part of your child’s routine at home, if this works for your child.

Child care settings should follow babies’ personal routines. But for older children, it can be a good idea to introduce the setting’s lunch, play and nap times at home. Your child might take less time to adjust to the routine when care starts.

Getting familiar with educators
In the weeks before starting, you can find out who your child’s main educator will be. If you can get a photo of this educator and talk about them by name, they’ll be more familiar to your child.

Reading or telling stories
Books and stories about starting child care or making new friends can be a safe way for your child to explore strong emotions and understand new events. It’s good to include all the feelings your child might go through – for example, happiness, enjoyment, friendship, sadness, anxiety, apprehension and tiredness.

And talking positively with your child about the new environment, friends, educators and activities will help both you and your child feel positive too.


Our centre is inclusive of all children and our team works closely with families who require extra assistance or special requirements. Our service partners with inclusion support to ensure your child receives the support they need to thrive during their time at the centre. 

Breakfast is served before 8am and through the day your child will have morning tea, lunch, afternoon and a late snack after 5pm. 

Meals are prepared fresh daily onsite, with a variety of fresh fruits and grains on offer for morning and afternoon tea. 

Lunch consists of a hot meal varying from pastas, curries, bakes etc the list is endless! 

Each meal is prepared and catered to children nutritional  needs in accordance with Australian Dietary Guidelines. 

We also cater to allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements. 

Our service uses a centre app called OWNA! 

OWNA is a wonderful platform for our families to view photos, observations and live information about their child. 


In short, yes you will be charged. However we offer 10 holiday rate days that can be applied during your holiday which offer a 50% reduction to your fees. This can be discussed and applied by contacting our office staff.

Any holidays exceeding your 10 annual holiday rate days will be charged at full fee. 

If your child’s booking falls on a Public Holiday our centre policy states that you will be charged as per normal. 

A holiday rate may be applied to public holidays, as long as 2 weeks notice is given to office staff via email. 

Bright Start Kidz is open 52 weeks a year.