common information for families

In our foyer is a comprehensive outline of all of our Policies and Procedures for families to view. Our Policies cover topics such as:

  • Programs for Children
  • Families
  • Child Protection and Ethics
  • Child Health and Safety
  • Hygiene and Cleaning
  • Emergencies and Hazards
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Centre Operations
  • Human Resources.

The following Bright Start Kidz Policies and Procedures cover the most common information needed by families as a reference.

Emergency Procedures.

  • We will conduct fire/evacuation and lockdown drills at Bright Start Kidz at least four times per year.
  • Staff will display a notice for your information at pickup time when a drill has taken place.
  • Staff and children will evacuate the building or take shelter whenever an alarm sounds, even in the event of it being known to be a false alarm. We need to show consistency and role model the importance of alarms to children.
  • There are smoke detectors in all rooms, hallways and the kitchen.

Health and Hygeine Policy

Minimising cross infection and the spread of germs in our centre can be achieved by families ensuring that on arrival each morning and at departure each afternoon they wash their and their child’s hands or use the antibacterial foam located in the foyer and in each room. This one simple procedure reduces the risk of cross infection significantly and reinforces to babies and children the normality of hygiene. We appreciate your support in keeping Bright Start Kidz Early Learning Centre a healthy and safe environment for all babies, toddlers and children.

Sickness Policy

Sick children must not attend the centre in order to minimise cross infection.
Children who become sick during the day will be required to be collected from the centre within the hour.
In the case of know infectious diseases a notice will be displayed at the front of the centre and on room notice boards.
Details of infectious diseases and the relevant period of EXCLUSION will be displayed on the rooms notice board.
There may be situations where Bright Start Kidz and Management may feel a baby or child is contagious or too ill to attend the centre and families may be asked to obtain a Doctor’s Clearance Letter before their baby or child may return to the centre.
If your child develops a fever whilst at Bright Start Kidz, every effort will be made to bring the temperature down by reducing any extra clothing that the child is wearing and giving them a drink of water. Once a child’s temperature reaches 38°C, parents will be contacted and asked if Paracetamol can be administered, another Educator will be put onto the phone to confirm the parental consent. The parents will be asked the weight of the child so that correct dosage can be administered. If the parent does not know the weight of their child, the age range dosage will be administered using correct procedure. The child will however, need to be collected from the centre within the hour.

Immunisation Policy

Parents enroling their children at Bright Start Kidz must provide approved evidence of immunisation:
The Immunisation Status can be in the form of:

a) Immunisation History Statement showing your child’s Immunisations are up to date (if your child has a medical contraindication for a specific vaccine(s) a Medical Contraindication form will also be required), or

b) Medical Contraindication Form if your child is unable to be immunised with any vaccines due to medical reasons or

c) Conscientious Objection Form (or certified ACIR letter) if your child is unable to be immunised due to religious or philosophical reasons


d) Immunisation History Form where an immunisation provider has certified that your child is catching up on their immunisations.

Other immunisation records, such as the blue book, a GP letter or an overseas immunisation record CANNOT be accepted. Non-immunised children will be excluded from the center for the duration of an outbreak according to the NSW Department of Health. These days will be charged at your scheduled fee. Parents are required to keep their child’s immunisation up to date and supply details to the centre.

Medication Policy

Only medication in its original container, with the child’s name, dosages and times, which has been prescribed by a Doctor will be administered.

Parents are required to complete all details on the Medication Permission Form.


Nut Free Centre

Our Centre is a nut free zone – other foods must not be brought into the centre in your child’s bag.

Families are required to strictly adhere to our Anaphylaxis Policy

We may have children who would experience a severe (and potentially fatal) reaction to nuts.

Food this is bought into the centre must be approved by the Authorised Provider or Educational Leader.

Please do not bring any junk food for your child.

Please do not allow children or other family members to leave food in children’s bag.

Guiding & Supporting Children’s Development & Behaviour

Guiding children’s behaviour will be supportive and non-threatening in all cases. Physical force or punishment will not be used at any time
Children with unsuitable behaviour for a particular situation will be directed to another activity to divert their attention from their behaviour and encouraged to verbalise their feelings.
Consistent, clear rules are well established in the centre.
These rules will be explained and well known to the children (appropriate to the ages of children)
Children will be encouraged to resolve their own conflicts through role modelling and support by the educators. Our goal is to help empower children to become responsible for and to better manage their own actions.

Sun Protection Policy

In order to keep children safe from harmful sun rays we ensure that:
Children are wearing hats during outdoor play. Each child attending Bright Start Kidz is provided with a hat and a T-shirt as part of the Enrolment Fee upon enrolment.
Protective clothing should also be worn. Singlets and sleeveless shirts and dresses are not recommended.
The centre will supply and use SPF30 sunscreen to exposed areas of the skin all year round. Parents are required to apply sunscreen when they arrive with their child in the morning (during Spring, Summer, and Autumn months).

Rest and Sleep Policy

As we cater for children early morning to late afternoon, we have a rest period. Each room has a period of time after lunch for rest and sleep. This is a relaxing time when children are given an opportunity to rest.
Educators play a range of music and create a quiet, relaxing atmosphere at rest time.
After a period of time, children who are not asleep are able to undertake a quiet activity such as reading and drawing.
Parents are to provide sheets and if required a light blanket for their child.
We provide cots for the younger babies and stretcher beds for older children.
Your child may wish to bring a favourite toy, or blanket to have at rest time. Please feel free to discuss your child’s rest needs with educators.
Bright Start Kidz follows the recommendations from SIDS and Kidz in respect to safe sleeping.