KIDZ services


Long Day Care

As a parent you can’t always adjust your work times to suit your personal needs so here at Bright Start Kidz we do our best to accommodate you.

Pre-School Programs

Pre-school Program. School is a big step for a young child and can be a very scary experience so what we have introduced at Bright Start Kidz is a Pre-school program.

The program provides a gradual introduction for the child into the school process so that they are comfortable with what they will be doing and have less apprehension about “big” school. And of course we combine that with preliminary eduction as well so that your child is well prepared for their next big adventure!

Special Needs

Special Needs. All children are special but some need a little more care and that’s what we do.

Bright Start Kidz has facilities to cater those children that require special needs. Our staff are fully trained and qualified to give your child the care that you desire. You can be assured that they will be well looked after. Contact Bright Start Kidz for more information.


Good Eating & Nutrition

We believe that good eating habits are an essential part of our educational programs and the planning, preparation and serving of meals at Bright Start Kidz is a vital part of our quality care. All our meals are prepared on the premises in our fully equipped kitchen. We use only quality ingredients: lean meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits with the minimal amount of processed or frozen foods.

Our experienced Chef holds qualifications in Nutrition and Menu Planning and Safe Food Handling. All allergies are regarded as a top priority and every member of staff is trained in Anaphylaxis. Special needs and dietary requirements are also carefully recorded and managed appropriately.

The centre provides breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack. Please note that Breakfast is served from 7am to 8am only.

We recognise babies and children’s likes are different to adults and our menus are specifically designed to reflect children’s food preferences, providing child friendly foods. In addition to taking children’s likes and dislikes into account, our menu is designed to meet 70% of the children’s total daily nutritional requirements.

The weekly menu is displayed in the kitchen and the daily menu is written up on our menu board at the entrance to the kitchen. The weekly menu will also be available on the Bright Start Kidz App for your information.

We are always keen to get your feedback on our menu.

Both water and milk are served at various times throughout the day and water is always available to the children. The centre does not permit babies and children to have sweetened drinks in their bottles and seeks families support in developing good eating and drinking habits for all babies and children.